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not working with teas

Closed 1.0.3 1.2.5

Dead Nasty
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@Tryhard the user does not have to use your Discord if they do not wish to do so. This support section is here for a reason, and we expect users to receive a basic level of support using our support channels. Thank you.

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I agree with Death. I am already in so many rust plugin discords for all the other sites and plugin devs its hard to keep track of and it's honestly a pain. Codefling having the support section is super helpful. I also appreciate that codefling is super professional and holds their venders accountable and remove broken/un maintained plugins. This comment from Death re affirms my belief that codefling is the superior plugin experience. Thank you again Death. 

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I have just pushed a fix for this issue, sorry about the delay. I hope you understand it from my perspective too though, checking every message and support section on every plugin on every site is so much more time-consuming than using a single discord server for everything. I often don't see or forget about messages on websites.

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i understand its kida a pain on both ends. theres lonedesign, chaos, nikedemos, nivex, rust admin, mad mappers, gruber, like 6 million discords for this as well. its a hassle. 

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