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Custom Vender setup Not Working ingame

Pending 4.2.2

the vending mechenes sell t-shirts and gloves on the previous map the venders were all ok but now i cannot get them to sell what i need

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Swedish Chef 150

Posted July 24, 2022 (edited)

Hi, thanks for the free map, very nice, was just testing it to see about next wipe and found a problem with the vending machines at Trade Tower

They are flipping between vanilla clothes and the new items its selling.

the display is also trying to show clothes as well as whatever items its selling


please ignore the audio delay in video.. editor messed it up..


same happening as this guy

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So ive figured it out 🙂 ur map doesnt like customnpcsetup ... i dont know why but i think its because of momument markers or whatever it needs for trade tower to be classed as a monument so then custon npc setup can work


please test and fix this asap as i wanna use ur map its amazing


Edited by StevieLCFC

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ok heres a small update:

Custom npc setup does work for afew shops geneerated  as monuments markers (fishing village) , now because you have created trade tower to need to give it (from what ive read) a monument marker (if possible the bandit/outpost markers) so customnpc plugin works along side it

i do hope this make sense

Edited by StevieLCFC

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