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external walls

Closed 1.0.3

I bought this prefab today but when I start it with the edit it comes out without the walls, an external extension or plugin is needed for the rust edit to be able to visualize the external walls


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Hello AvalonSG1, I downloaded the prefab via the site and tested on rustedit but I don't see any problem on my side:/ have you updated the rustedit software?



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The new textures do not appear, I have version 1.1.65, do I have to download any add-on? Why do I not have the brick covers etc... I don't know if something is missing or I need an old update.

If you use old versions of rust edit, you should say so in your prefabs because the same thing will happen to people as I did. We bought your prefabs and then they don't work for us since they are in another version and it no longer works with the current one.

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the version is well the same one as you (version 1.1.65) I even remade one to be sure but if you still have 
the problem try to reinstall rustedit in my opinion one of the cubes is missing (Tiled Brick 01/06) in rustedits 
you can try to search for it (Tiled Brick 03) and put it on the map and save to test.

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