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Lagg bandit camp

Not a Bug 0.2.2 0.2.3

We talked to your man yesterday in discord, I explained everything to him in detail



Or rather, as far as I understand, this is an extension problem RustEdit.dll which is installed on servers so that the electrics on the card would work. In this case, all server garbage is collected at zero coordinates (x0 y0 z0), objects that break down over time: boxes, chairs, car modules. All of them accumulate in the center of the coordinate grid and thus in this place the players begin to lag very much. There is only 1 way out - ask the plugin developer to write you a simple plugin that will delete all objects at this coordinate. You can log in from the admin account and fly under the map in noclip and you will see what I am telling you now. This is not a map problem. Install any card, even a procedural one, you will have this problem.


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