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Prevent damage to bases from non-owner players

Closed 2.1.9

I have an issue where the heli damage is impacting other players bases nearby even if they are not involved in the attack on convoy. I have TruePvE as well, but somehow this is circumventing that. I have a base that was heavily damaging by the heli because the attackers were standing at it. Is there a setting to fix this? The PvE section of the settings file is just about if the convoy attacks or not, is there a setting for damage to bases? 

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Hi. An update of PveMode is currently being prepared. It will add the ability to prohibit the helicopter from attacking the bases of other players. My plugin can work with this plugin


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Do you want to ban helicopter targeting of players who are near other people's bases? Or just disable the damage from the helicopter on the bases?

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