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Need Help with using with Item Cost Calc

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Hi I just decided to dump server rewards and I am trying to set up "Shop". How do I use Item Cost Calculator with this plugin. Sorry but its not obvious enough for me to figure it out. Thanks for the assistance.

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I have. nothing seemed to happen. 

I have gone back and unloaded just ServerRewards and reinstalled shop.cs it was able to read my store that way. Thank you


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Well I thought so. but no. The shop reset all the prices after restart. So what is the right way to get this set up using item cost calculator. Where do I put the list that ICC generates? 


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At the moment it works as follows:
1. You remove all items from the plugin configuration.
2. You use the command "shop.refill"
3. The plugin fills the list of items from the game that can be sold and sets their prices with the ItemCostCalculator plugin.

But, I understand that this is not convenient, so the interaction with the ItemCostCalculator plugin will be redesigned.

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In version 1.2.18 you can:
- Use the "Calculate" button when editing items
- Use the "shop.fill.icc" console command - it allows you to fill prices for all items

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