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Request: Mine big ores without explosives

Closed 1.2.8 1.3.0

My players are really dumb or blind because can’t figure out that they need explosives half the time. Would it be possible to have an option to allow players to mine the big meteors with anything? (Pick axes, jackhammers, etc)

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Big meteors have unreachable gather hitbox due to RUST limitations. Maybe when i'll make a look at that and will try to fix over x2 size hit-box bug i'll implement this feature.

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Hey! I was just looking at this feature, and it seems it's caused by antihack.
As a temporary solution you can try setting 

melee_protection 2

as server variable, or if it still doesn't work - to 0.
Not sure if i'll find any good solution without using Harmony etc. it might be a tricky one.

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