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Many issues with gaps and disconnected corridors

Closed 1.1.1 1.1.2

I am getting many reports from my players about gaps in rocks, falling through the world, disconnected underground corridors, etc. We've not used this map in a long time due to there having been a lot of these types of issues, and the latest update doesn't seem to do much in the way of fixing some pretty glaring issues. Is a new version in production that has improved quality control before release?

I can ask my team to compile a list of all complaints if you like. There are many.

Perhaps this has something to do with the download of the actual file; are you certain the latest version is uploaded? Because when I download the file and extract it, I'm left with a mapfile called "RWdivergenceisles1.0.2.3.map", not 1.1.1.




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my version, vs listed version arent the same number, as i alter and resave it a couple times so version is fine. If you can point out where the issues are i can take a look and fix them. Otherwise its playing needle in a hay stack for finding whats happened as they update the game.

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ok i found 3 train sections that have to be fixed plus some other stuff i must have missed when adding trains to it. i'll work on it and should have it fixed and updated in the next day maybe 2, sorry about that.

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Ok i completely redid the whole map, added some new train areas and retested everything, should be working 100% and sorry for the delay, the complete map redo took longer then expected but should have no issues moving forward

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