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Not working

Not a Bug 1.0.0

Trying to make it where if they use the command once they have to wait 3 minutes before using the command but it does not work.

  "Add commands to block ( Must be lowercased do not add the slash! / ) ( 3 = Block Both | 1 = Block Chat | 2 = Block Console )": {
    "turret.tc on": 3
  "Sets the time between command usage": 180.0,
  "Sets the max accumulated cooldown time limit before kicking the player if they keep trying to spam": 120.0,
  "Exclude players from being blocked ( Add their steam 64 id's to the list )": [],
  "Message Responses": {
    "( Chat Icon ) Just insert a valid steam 64 ID to set": 0,
    "CommandBlocked": "You are on command cooldown, try again in {0} seconds",
    "KickReason": "Kicked for excessive command spam!"

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1. You're command you put into the config is not valid.

Switch to this:

"turret.tc": 3

2. That's not how this plugin is designed to work or it's intended use.

3. You cannot limit specific commands with dedicated timers.


All this plugin is designed to do is to stop players spamming multiple plugin commands back to back in a row.


So basically the way this works is you setup the commands list you want to check for.

And then the player has to wait ( Example: 180 ) seconds before being able to run their next plugin command.


Also whatever commands you do not put into the check list will not be affected by the cool-down.

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