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Optimize this pluggin

Closed 1.0.5

This pluggin is the heaviest of all my server, is there any way to optimize it to work better? it causes a very noticeable performance drop.


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If you are having performance issues, adjust the following config values to match the below:

"Allow players to pickup their recyclers by hitting it with a hammer?": false,
"Allow players to pickup their recyclers by targeting it with a hammer and pressing fire_3?": false,

This will require the player to use the chat command to pick up the recycler while looking at it.

Also set the following to remove groundwatch.

"Destroy the recycler if it's parented ground entity is removed?": false,

This will prevent the recycler from being destroyed when the foundation/floor is removed (so it will float), but it means the monobehaviour isn't having to run for each recycler.

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