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NPCs flying in the air

Closed 1.1.8

Paul H.

This can be done at any time during a wipe just so you know, the next time the server restarts or the plugin is reloaded, the change will take place.

Where were you having floating NPCs by the way? I realized just now that perhaps you had some guys floating at Excavator? That would be a different issue entirely.

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@Paul H.Did you do anything to fix the issue or it just worked itself out when you reloaded the plugin? Have had players reporting floating NPCs at excavator for the last few days and trying to figure it out.

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@Paul H. @0athbound Are you by chance in the Mad Mapper Discord or would you mind joining? If you are there or if you join open a ticket and tag me. I can get you a list of locations to remove.

They will be fine there until someone runs Excavator when the arm moves, they will float in place or they will respawn back in their same location even though the arm moved. This was just an oversight on the original locations. But we have a list compiled so that you can remove those and will not have the issue again.

It resolved itself likely by the excavator being placed back into the default position for you @Paul H..

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