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/botspawn loadspawns doesn't work

Pending 2.1.2

So I've got my spawn file for a custom monument. However, when I use the ingame command /botspawn loadspawns it does not load the spawns. My spawns file name is monument.farmland. I thought it might have been an issue with the . so I changed it to just farmland. Still doesn't load the spawns. No errors in console, no errors in game chat. Don't really know what else to give you since there really aren't any errors to go off of.


Edit: For now I'm just going to forgo using Spawns Database, however when I was using BotSpawn 2.1.1 this issue wasn't happening.

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Sorry - Spawns.cs is no longer used and that command no longer exists.
I've removed it from the description/overview now.

To be honest I didn't realise that was still in V2.1.2


BotSpawn has had it's own commands for adding and maintaining spawn points for quite some time,
and the loadspawns command was there as a migration tool to make the transition simpler.


Thanks for flagging it.

Edited by Steenamaroo

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Cool. Sorry about that - Should have been documented.

For what it's worth, though, I made 'addspawn' a command so you can key-bind it.
Means you just have to do /botspawn edit <profilename> then tap out the points.

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