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cant set template on first setup

Closed 3.0.7

Hello there

Just updated this and installed it again after not using it for over a year now, started to set it up but stuck as the /wp_template command does nothing, And seems there's no way to set the template style within the config from what i can see

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Since got it working, But now after trying to use a full screen template ie template #5 i changed the background for it and my wording on it was slightly offline and over lapped the buttons, So re edited the image but now its constantly stuck on that background image, I have tried everything to resolve this but with no luck, Removed the cs. config, data & lang file 4 times now to try get it to remove my first background image but even with stock config and data files its still showing the wrong background with no way to revert it, Madness!

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How did you fix it? 

I'm in the same boat and on first setup it doesn't want to work.

I've tried to reinstall both ImageLibrary and WelcomePanel and it's still not working when using wp_template

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Good day David, I since got things working! i think it was my bad not stopping the plugin while editing a data file! Doh! 😌 also done a few restarts of the sever which seems to clear things up a bit from my first attempt 🙂 Loving the new full screen modes! gives it a more modern feel to Rust 

Thanks for the response 


Also @WonderOTB i think mine was conflicting with Tipster plugin, used the same command ie /info and had start/welcome messages enabled, since changed the command for Tipster and disabled welcome/start messages or it and Welcome Panel had no issues since, If you use Tipster plugin also maybe try unloading it to test 

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