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Installation needed ASAP

Closed 1.0.0 1.0.0

How do I install this on my server? I have a server hosted and use FTP to upload Plugins and edit json files. What are these .prefab files? Why you selling something with no explanation how to use it?

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I've answered your question on the other post. but again alot of people are just finding these sites and just buying prefabs thinking they just /spawn it in. and boof its that easy. its not. Surely some research on prefabs would have been a good idea before just buying one and then have a go at me for "no explanation on how to use it" this prefabs section is for custom map making. i sell a prefab so other map builders can buy it and use it within there custom map. i hope my reply on the other post is helpful for you. Again 15 mins on youtube "how to use a custom map in a FTP server" would be helpful.

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