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Dedicated servers

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No problem. So I run 3 servers on one dedicated machine which I pay for. 


I run 3 instances of MyRustServer, 1 for each instance.

There is a button that says 'connect to server' as the server shows offline but it's online. When I click it, it tries to open as a steam link. But I don't have steam installed on there. 


Does that work? If not I can send you a video tomorrow 🙂

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Yes, this works.
It is important to use different ports for each server.

Server A (Server Port:28015, Rcon Port: 28016, App Port: 28082)

Server B (Server Port:28018, Rcon Port: 28019, App Port: 28085)

Server C (Server Port:28021, Rcon Port: 28022, App Port: 28088)

If all three Rust servers are running on one Dedicadet server, then set server IP and RCON IP back to default
And change the MRS settings to RakNet.
Then everything should work 🙂

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I've hard set each IP as if I don't do that they pick up random ips, happened yesterday, I have different ports for each server as well, all unlocked. 

See image below, this is what i get when i click Connect to Server - the server IS running though


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