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Medium sized meteors do not take damage

Closed 1.2.8 1.3.0

Hello there

i have been using this plugin some time now and recently updated 22/12/22 and since then all the medium sized meteors are un farmable, pickaxe, jackhammer, explo ammo, nothing works on them, No errors in console and no feedback in game, Also i know this was an issue in the past with the RPC kicks but i just had it  while trying a jackhammer on a medium sized meteor



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Hey! They are too big for player to mine, its blocked by RUST.
For now try decreasing max scale to equal or less than 2.0.
Maybe i'll try to override that in next update but not sure if it can be made without performance impact.

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Hey! I was just looking at this feature, and it seems it's caused by antihack.
As a temporary solution you can try setting 

melee_protection 2

as server variable, or if it still doesn't work - to 0.
Not sure if i'll find any good solution without using Harmony etc. it might be a tricky one.

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