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Several questions.

Closed 1.2.2

"Taunt players with .mp3 voices": []
Do i insert direct links?

"Spawn kits for the npcs": [],
Is this what they are wearing and how do i link kits to it?

"CustomLoot config profile name": [],
I don't want to use customloot but if I have to how can I use it without it messing up other plugins loot tables?

How do I edit what they say in global chat? Like per their name.

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"Taunt players with .mp3 voices": []

Not implemented yet as the boombox i was using is not loud enough so still working on a way.


"Spawn kits for the npcs": [],

Using Umod Kits plugin you add "Spawn kits for the npcs": ["kitname1", "kitname2", "soON"],

And it will chose one per npc at random

CustomLoot can be configured by profilesNames you could ask there about how to set up a profile to just use and not alter other loot.


There Names are in the config. Chat Messages are in the lang folder


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