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Plugin not workling

Closed 2.0.0

  • in Ganja

for some reason plugin not working or even showing up in mixing table. I deleted the configs like u said before downloading version 2.0

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I checked, the perms are good and I am picking up weed but doesn't show weed craft in mixing table nor are the joints I made before working

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Normally it only shows you a button that says "SHOW CUSTOM RECIPES". You have to click that button and the crafting ui will open. If you don't see that button, you probably don't have the crafting permission

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there normally is the custom recipe in top right corner when I open mixing table, I've had this plugin in for a while I know how its supposed to work, it was working before last update, I know for a fact I have the permissions because I triple checked on that, its something you must of done on your end. I have 135 plugins on my server and yours at the moment the only one flat out not working with it updated and installed... is there a lang file I need to delete cuz of update or made need to delete data file before update?

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