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No bot spawns.

Pending 1.1.7


Have tried default profile for Oxums, as well as making a custom profile. Both of them i turned on Auto respawn and set spawn points from 30-11000. Tried custom spawn point as well. Have had no luck.

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I think Oxum's is one of the momuments where the building gets in the way when the plugin is trying to find random spawnpoints.
If you want the plugin to find random points around the area (UseCustomSpawns : false) you'd probably just need to increase the profile default radius a bit.
A value of 40 or 50 will probably put npcs in the area. The same is true of the Dome, for example,

If you want to use custom placed spawn points for the profile instead, you need to set UseCustomSpawns true, then use the UI buttons to add some spawnpoints for that profile.

When making changes and testing make sure that both day and night spawn amounts are set above 0, and be sure to click 'Reload Profile' when you're finished.

If that doesn't get you sorted, please just let me know. 👍

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@JacksynI personally have just gone around to the different oxum's and dropped like 12 spawn points around there. It legit takes two seconds. I would do that instead of having it try to spawn by random as I ran into the same thing you did. If you add it to the default profile, I'm fairly sure the custom spawn points will stay through wipes as well.

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No luck with custom spawns or default spawns. Also tested at Airfield. Both Day and Night amounts are atleast 5  spawns and radius value was tested from 10-300


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RESOLVED! Issue was "nav_disable True" set in the Server config file. Confirm that nav_wait is true and nav_disable is false by typing them into your console. If they were not you need to change it and the save your config by typing server.writecfg and restarting your server. If the settings are not correct after restart then double check your config file with the server offline, save and then restart.


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