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Hey  would it be possible to add the mining.pumpjack to the list.


So Just when you do "lights on " the Animation of the Pumpjack is plaing.

Would be awesome

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Hey Dude, it would be awesome ,  i need to have them running on my Monument , and now the workaround with zonemanager and putting in 1000000 Diesel to let it run is as pain i the ass 😄
Hope you could do it .


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I have it partially working, but can't turn them off. I will work some more on this over the weekend, it is taking a bit of non-standard coding to trick them.

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Hey , to not turn them off would perfectly ok for me  (They should run always)😄

If you want me to test what you got just send me the file and ill put it on ther Server.


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Current Work in progress, toggles correctly now, and can be turned off.  Still doing some work on some furnaces changes I was working on and testing.

This replaces the one I posted earlier that was crappy, in comparison.



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Sadly wont work for me, 

i did "lights on Pumpjack" but nothing moves.



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You probably need this setting:

  "Alter Unowned Entities": true,

As most placed pumpjack and mining quarries do not have owners.

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