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Question about adding permissions to rewards

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Hi there, I have added a permission to one of the reward levels as below:

     "Level": 20,
      "Items": [
          "Command": "",
          "Shortname": "metal.fragments",
          "Amount": 500,
          "Skin": 0,
          "Display name": "Metal Fragments",
          "Blueprint": false,
          "Permission": "removertool.normal"

but this didn't grant players reaching level 20 the remover tool permission, Im assuming now that I have to Issue the command oxide.grant user permission is this right, if so what do I have to include in the command to identify the player?


Also once i get this working, how can i get the xp list command to display the permission that has been rewarded?


Would appreciate some help with this one.


Old Rusty

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If I remember correctly that's how it works with it you have to do the full command.
As far as seen what has been rewarded it only shows the items once they hit it

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OK i can do it with the full command but what is the variable for who to give it to for example oxide.grant user ****** removertool.normal, what do i put instead of the ******?

Regards Old rusty.,

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sorry I thought I had replied to this a while ago - {steamid} is what you need to place with it. It will automatically replace that with the players steam id


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