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npc shoot though terrains

Pending 1.1.6


I don't think I've made any changes in that area recently. Is this on a procedural map, or custom?
Is it happening in a specific area only, or everywhere?

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this is the setting of the bots


    "airguard": {
      "type": 1,
      "Spawn": {
        "AutoSpawn": true,
        "Radius": 40,
        "BotNames": [
        "BotNamePrefix": "",
        "Keep_Default_Loadout": false,
        "Kit": [
        "Day_Time_Spawn_Amount": 5,
        "Night_Time_Spawn_Amount": 5,
        "Announce_Spawn": false,
        "Announcement_Text": "",
        "BotHealth": 900,
        "Stationary": false,
        "UseCustomSpawns": false,
        "ChangeCustomSpawnOnDeath": false,
        "FrankenStein_Head": 0,
        "FrankenStein_Torso": 0,
        "FrankenStein_Legs": 0
      "Behaviour": {
        "Roam_Range": 30,
        "Aggro_Range": 90,
        "DeAggro_Range": 150,
        "Peace_Keeper": false,
        "Bot_Accuracy_Percent": 70,
        "Bot_Damage_Percent": 55,
        "Running_Speed_Booster": 10,
        "Roam_Pause_Length": 0,
        "AlwaysUseLights": false,
        "Ignore_All_Players": false,
        "Ignore_Sleepers": true,
        "Target_Noobs": false,
        "Melee_DamageScale": 1.0,
        "RangeWeapon_DamageScale": 1.0,
        "Rocket_DamageScale": 1.0,
        "Assist_Sense_Range": 30,
        "Victim_Bleed_Amount_Per_Hit": 1,
        "Victim_Bleed_Amount_Max": 100,
        "Bleed_Amount_Is_Percent_Of_Damage": false,
        "Target_ZombieHorde": 0,
        "Target_HumanNPC": 0,
        "Target_Other_Npcs": 0,
        "Respect_Safe_Zones": true,
        "Faction": 0,
        "SubFaction": 0
      "Death": {
        "Spawn_Hackable_Death_Crate_Percent": 0,
        "Death_Crate_CustomLoot_Profile": "",
        "Death_Crate_LockDuration": 600,
        "Corpse_Duration": 3,
        "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 0,
        "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 50,
        "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100,
        "Wipe_Main_Percent": 0,
        "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100,
        "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100,
        "Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100,
        "Rust_Loot_Source": "Default NPC",
        "Respawn_Timer": 12,
        "RustRewardsValue": 0.0,
        "XPerienceValue": 0.0
      "Other": {
        "Chute": false,
        "Invincible_Whilst_Chuting": false,
        "Backpack_Duration": 10,
        "Suicide_Timer": 300,
        "Die_Instantly_From_Headshot": false,
        "Fire_Safe": true,
        "Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons": [],
        "Disable_Radio": true,
        "Location": {
          "x": -788.4537,
          "y": 23.5530148,
          "z": 351.6672
        "Parent_Monument": "Power Plant 0",
        "Use_Map_Marker": false,
        "Always_Show_Map_Marker": false,
        "MurdererSound": false,
        "Immune_From_Damage_Beyond": 400,
        "Short_Roam_Vision": false,
        "OverWater": false


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If it's a specific area rather than a widespread problem it's probably not something I can fix.

There have been small issues at monuments over the years, like walking in the air at the LaunchSite or spawning under the hole that isn't a hole at the Airfield.
Since it's a custom map maybe it's something the author could patch (not suggesting their fault), but unless its a map wide problem it's not likely to be something I can fix.

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