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I'm just trying to add some more NPC's to my custom map. I want them to spawn inside certain rooms within a building. So far I can only get them to spawn on the roof. Is there another command I'm not aware of that will let me be more specific with each NPC's placement?

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There are a few reasons this might happen, one of the main reasons would be the way that prefab is created, they might not have a proper place to stand. Alternatively it could also be an issue with how much room they have, as we had noticed that some who used to be able to spawn in a tight space, were being pushed above or below a prefab due to their hit box growing with certain updates. Sometimes it is immediate but sometimes it takes a player being near them.

There is some documentation similar to a help guide that I created, it's posted in the Mad Mappers Discord. That might potentially be helpful. But it looks like you're getting the hang of it just having issues with them spawning where you want to.

Initially try giving them more clearance and go from there. It might be all that is needed. Otherwise it may be something to do with the floor needing a trigger or something that they would be able to spawn onto and walk on.

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No problem at all.

If you continue to run into issues and think that we might be able to help please let us know. I'm sorry that wasn't more helpful already but hopefully that gets you set in the right direction!

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