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Weed disappears

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Put the new version on the server. Gathered hemp and got 2 low quality weed. I unstacked it and then tried stacking it again and I'm down to one. I use the Stacks plugin.

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Reduced stack size for Sticks to 1 and now they don't disappear because they can't stack, but dragging them to mixing table doesn't work. They stay in the players inventory.

Also,  you say that the old config isn't compatible with 2.0, but I deleted the config file and it's exactly the same as the old config file. It's no different. I made a backup of my old config before putting this new version on the server and using Notepad++ compare feature, I found there's no difference.

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I guess I was doing something wrong and I actually was comparing it with another version 2.0 config so all is good, except I'm still having the stacking issue I described above.

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Ok, all is good. I set this to true and everything works perfectly now: "Disable built-in stack fix (set to true if you have problems with item stacking/splitting)":

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