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Ok im having an issue here im not sure whats going on..

So i have got myself a new dedi box as my last one popped and i had to start all over again!

So i downloaded the latest tool that you have and started all fresh

so i added my steam ID to gain the admin rank! However when i join the server im Green but i cant use the command prompt or give my self items its been really annoying this....

so i even tried to add myself as ownerid and still it says im auth2 but still unable to give myself items...

im not sure this is related to this server tool im just trying resolve something i have tried to resolve myself but im unable to.

Have you seen this before?


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I have restarted the server i created a new server i added myself over and over and over and its the same on every one i do using this tool?

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Leave AdminID free in MRS, you can ignore the message.

Then add manually in the Rust Console your Owner ID and do not forget server.writecfg

Reconnect and try if you have Admin.

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So this didnt work either so im guessing its something my server is preventing however im really unsure on what! I have never had this issue before.

I mean its no biggy but its rather annoying as i use command and items alot for when i set up my servers etc and doing kits!!! i have to resort using other ways to give myself items...

my rust admin gives me items and im able to kick ban etc as usual...

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