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Boss Bots not respawning.

Pending 2.1.2

So if you look at below all the zeros are bosses.  Literally every boss is zero.  All the regular npcs are present though.  In order to get it to work I have to o.reload BotSpawn it will work ok for awhile "TMK" then just the bosses will stop spawning automatically.  This has been a persistent issue for me for the past couple months.  It makes no sense because there is no difference with a boss to a regular npc other then the amount of health it has and its repsawn timers.  I can send you all the files if you want to have a peak.  I 100% know how to use the plugin.  I have heavy armor bots spawning on hackablelocked crates.  I have parachute bots spawning in at airfield and the other 75% are all custom spawn points that I have placed on my custom monuments.  All the spawns work and bots spawn in when I run o.reload but my guess is after the bosses get killed they don't respawn but its possible that they are disappearing after a period of time without being killed and then never coming back.  As I type that I am thinking that is more likely the issue.  They de-spawn on their own causing them to never respawn?  I think this because even on my server that has very low pop all the bosses are gone and I find it hard to believe someone went around and killed every boss considering there are many people have no idea exist.  I guess there is one other difference as well the Boss bots have announcements turned on where the standard npcs do not.  

[BotSpawn] Airfield 0 - 14
[BotSpawn] HackableLockedCrate - 6
[BotSpawn] drmoreau - 0
[BotSpawn] elonmusk - 0
[BotSpawn] freddy - 0
[BotSpawn] Havinsky - 0
[BotSpawn] iceman - 0
[BotSpawn] jacksparrow - 0
[BotSpawn] jason - 0
[BotSpawn] jigsaw - 0
[BotSpawn] madmax - 0
[BotSpawn] mandoboss - 0
[BotSpawn] mandocreep - 4
[BotSpawn] mandominiboss - 0
[BotSpawn] manguard - 26
[BotSpawn] pirates - 9
[BotSpawn] rambo - 0
[BotSpawn] sandy - 0
[BotSpawn] shrek - 0
[BotSpawn] spiderman - 0
[BotSpawn] spidernpc - 13
[BotSpawn] spongebob - 0
[BotSpawn] Terminator - 0
[BotSpawn] troopers - 18
[BotSpawn] wick - 0
[BotSpawn] witch - 0
[BotSpawn] zombie - 11
[BotSpawn] There are 101 spawned bots alive.

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I might have found something.  It appears on server restart the BotSpawn plug-in gets loaded in before the navmesh has completed generating.  Then for some reason the NPCs end up spawning in still at some point but the bosses don’t.  I o.reloaded BotSpawn when I woke up because there were no bosses.  So about 4 hours after restart I’ll check when I get home from work to see if the bosses are around or not if they are then that’s the issue.  

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Ah, ok. Sounds like you have nav_wait enabled. That means BotSpawn's initial spawn won't work and, ask you've discovered, you'd need to reload the plugin some time later to get them all spawned.
Set nav_wait to false.

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So I got it to work this is what I had to put in my server.cfg

aimanager.nav_wait "false"
nav_disable false
nav_wait true

With nav_wait false "The bots didn't wait for nav mesh and did what they were doing before needing to be reloaded"

With nav_disable true "It wouldn't generate a nav mesh so the bots wouldn't work at all."

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Nav_wait is whether or not the server waits for navmesh generation to complete before starting up,
so with nav_wait false your server goes live before navmesh is up, and BotSpawn fails to spawn most of its npcs.

With nav_wait true, navmesh is ready when your server goes live, and BotSpawn should have no issues.


aimanager.nav_wait "false" and nav_wait true are the same thing I think the last one in sequence would be the loaded value,
but it's probably better to remove one of those and just have nav_wait true on its own.

Sorry for the confusion.



Edit : Fixed information - I said it backwards.

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