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BotSpawn loot

Pending 1.0.8

Is it possible to set, for just the BotSpawn bots at Harbor for example, to have the same loot at default primitive crates? I know I can use Custom Loot to program them line by line, but I was hoping for something simple. Am I missing something? 

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You can set loot for Harbor only, for example, but there's no reference loot table or default setup.
You would have to balance it yourself.

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Fair enough. Thank you for the incredibly prompt response! 

Oh, quick edit: Since it's a single table for the crates, how would you suggest I set the categories? 100% for each of them, then appropriately for each item?  


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I ask because I'm worried that a category set to 100% (like resources), but with every item in the resource list set to 0%... could that possibly mean a potential slot missed? 

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There's no %. It's all probability.

If you set Ammo 1, Food 1, Weapons 8,
then weapons category has an 8 in 10 chance of being picked, for each item that's created.

The same logic applies to choosing an item within the chosen category.
Two stages of probability.

If you have some category enabled and then all item probabilities set to zero, that category will never be used.
If the probabilities are set such that no item can ever be picked, then there'll be no items.

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