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Newbie Idiot Questions

Closed 2.0.8

Hi, I have set up a small Rust Server for me and my Buddies via the '4Players' service.  The truth is I don't really know what im doing and have muddled through.  The server has been running ok for a couple of months but im struggling with the mods and most importantly the 'BotSpawn' mod that id like to get working.

I don't think the issues im having are mod related but more the server end.

Here is what I think is the issue,  instead of a single file tree, 4Players provide a FTP web interface with a tab to allow uploads, but when the mod generates its config this is put in a tree in a 'save' tab.  I can log on and transfer files with FileZilla instead, but again there are 2 locations.  Could this be the issue? I have tried to overcome it by coping all files from one tree to the over in the hope that the config file could be read.  Or this might be totally unrelated to my issue.


In RCON it says BotSpawn is loaded, ive enabled spawn in the config (attached) but still no bots.

Can anyone help a old guy 😉

Botspawn config.zip

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