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Closed 2.2.73


I'm trying to find out how to change the RustRewards happyhour notification. When printing out in chat it prints RustRewards:: Happy Hour has started. I'm trying to remove the second : so it looks like RustRewards: Happy Hour has started.

There's no extra : in the lang folder so I'm assuming it's something hard coded in the plugin

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It always adds a : so make sure there is none in the Prefix.  Here is the code:

mess = String.Concat( prestring ?? blnk , Lang("Prefix", player.UserIDString) ?? blnk , ": " ,
						midstring ?? blnk, Lang(key, player.UserIDString) ?? blnk, poststring ?? blnk);


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After removing the full colon from the prefix if it is still an issue for it ping me and I reopen this.  Please attach the lang file and config and I will run it on my test server.

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