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NRE in console

Pending 1.0.7

Loaded this up last night and created a webhook in Discord for it, when I load the plugin I see the following in console:

Web request callback raised an exception (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) at Oxide.Plugins.UpdatesChecker.GetPlugin (System.Int32 code, System.String response) [0x0004d] in <36033ec6543b4634a1abec6f7bb1291c>:0 at Oxide.Core.Libraries.WebRequests+WebRequest.<OnComplete>b__42_0 () [0x00034] in <ec05e0208c9149bba43236ca58fea105>:0


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Thanks for reporting. The issues should be resolved now, at Codefling API, although I'll release an update at some point to patch for the event that it happens again.

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