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Changing Keys

Closed 0.1.4 0.1.5

Love the plugin, but I've had some complaints by players that the default keys conflict with their default key setup. 

For instance, one player has run set to right shift so when they aim down the sights...

I'm guessing I can comment out the following lines


but then how can players launch it.

The /gestures command doesn't seem to work...

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Changed Status from Pending to Closed

Changed Fixed In to 0.1.5

This can be customized now without editing the code.  However, there are instructions now in roughly the same area on how to find the code you want.  It's still global.  One of these days it might be a per-user override...

Edited by RFC1920
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I'm a little confused about the latest update.

I see the comments in the code, but I'm not sure what it's suggesting. I see nothing new added in the configure. Can you please explain the changes?

            //if(input.current.buttons > 0)
            //    Puts($"OnPlayerInput: {input.current.buttons}");
            // Shift-RightClick == 2176, our default.  Uncomment the above TWO lines and reload to search for the best choice for your players.
            // Definitely comment these again or face the wrath of khan!!!!


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This 'should' be in there:

"Key Activation Code": 2176,

To change it, I am suggesting that you change the two lines to remove the comments:

if(input.current.buttons > 0)

    Puts($"OnPlayerInput: {input.current.buttons}");

This will show ALL keystrokes for ALL users, so if you have a test server this would be the right place for it.  Also, if you have one in mind I can try to sniff it out.


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I'm confused. You said


This can be customized now without editing the code.  

but I don't see anywhere to edit except the code.

In the code I don't understand where it can be edited either. 

Am I to assume that Shift-RightClick == 2176 and that there is some list of numbered keystrokes out there?

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On 2/14/2021 at 10:32 AM, RFC1920 said:

If none of the above makes sense to you, just tell me what keystroke you want to set and I can tell you the code to use.

What about Shift + ALT? I don't think that combo ever gets used.

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Sadly, alt is not available.  You can use any combination of Ctrl, Shift, WASD, mouse buttons.   Basically what appears here:


You can add alt to any of these as well, but then it will appear as the same numerical value as well as duplicating the function, e.g. W and alt would send a '2' if you assigned leftalt to Forward.

Edited by RFC1920

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Left-control and shift would work, a would also move left, but maybe that's acceptable.  I'll get the code for that in a bit (rolling blackouts here).

200 for ctrl-shift-a.

Edited by RFC1920

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