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Bots not loading in

Pending 2.1.1

We have botspawn enabled on all monuments ( "AutoSpawn": true,) but there are no bots. There should be 5 per location according to the files in the day time. The profiles folder has the name of the locations. 

The console commands are aslso not responding but the chat commands work fine. 
I can spawn in bots to custom locations, but when I kill them they don't respawn. Files attached any help appreciated! 

default-SpawnsData.json default-DefaultProfiles.json default-CustomProfiles.json

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First, and most obvious, make sure it's day time in the server. Day/night thresholds are defined in the config file.

Assuming you did that, watch console for any warnings or messages shortly after reloading BotSpawn.
In-game console is no good for this - You need to watch the server window or rcon or, depending on your provider, a browser console might be provided.

Sometimes profiles will fail to find spawn points if the spawn radius is too low and there's something in the way (Dome, Lighthouse, etc).
In these cases just increasing the spawn radius will sort it out.

If no profile is spawning then make sure that navmesh is enabled on your server and nav_wait isn't set to true.

With nav_wait the npcs will not spawn when the server starts but will spawn if you reload BotSpawn 5-10 minutes after server start.
Nav_wait can be set to false to solve this.

The command 'bots.count' should tell you how many npcs are spawned and from which profiles.

Let me know how you get on with that. 🙂

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Thank you for your speedy reply! I changed the nav mesh settings. We currently have bots set to spawn in 5 in the day time at every location, but when I check the bots we are getting al;ot of locations with 1 or 0. 

[BotSpawn] Abandoned Cabins 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Abandoned Supermarket 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Abandoned Supermarket 1 - 0

[BotSpawn] Abandoned Supermarket 2 - 0

[BotSpawn] Airfield 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Bandit Camp 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Fishing Village 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Fishing Village 1 - 0

[BotSpawn] Giant Excavator Pit 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Harbor 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Harbor 1 - 0

[BotSpawn] HQM Quarry 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Junkyard 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Large Barn 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Large Fishing Village 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Launch Site 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Lighthouse 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Lighthouse 1 - 0

[BotSpawn] Military Tunnel 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Mining Outpost 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Mining Outpost 1 - 0

[BotSpawn] Mining Outpost 2 - 0

[BotSpawn] Outpost 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Oxum's Gas Station 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Oxum's Gas Station 1 - 0

[BotSpawn] Oxum's Gas Station 2 - 0

[BotSpawn] Power Plant 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Ranch 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Satellite Dish 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Sewer Branch 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Stone Quarry 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Sulfur Quarry 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] The Dome 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Train Yard 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Water Treatment Plant 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Wild Swamp 0 - 0

[BotSpawn] Wild Swamp 1 - 0

[BotSpawn] BiomeArid - 5

[BotSpawn] BiomeTemperate - 5

[BotSpawn] BiomeTundra - 5

[BotSpawn] BiomeArctic - 5

[BotSpawn] AirDrop - 0

The erors show invalid position Invalid Position: scientist_corpse[5970426] (385.2, 10.0, 4000.1) (destroying)-  is this the roam thing you were talking about? How far do you suggest I let them roam, we have it set to 40 at the moment. 

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I don't think "scientist_corpse[5970426] (385.2, 10.0, 4000.1) (destroying)" is related - That's more likely to be coming from cargo ship or CH47, as the position is at the extreme edge of the map.

Wild Swamp 1, for example, is the name, so all your profiles are actually spawning zero, although I see why now.
You have "UseCustomSpawns" set true for every profile, but there are no custom spawn points for all those profiles in the SpawnsData file.

You'd need to either set "UseCustomSpawns" false and let BotSpawn find random spots around each area,
or use the chat commands to add custom spawn points for each profile.

Console should have spat out lots of messages about this - "Not enough spawn points for X - reducing population to 0", no?

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Awesome that worked! Thank you! 

I had another question if that's ok, to get the default loot from the custom loot plugin is the config setting "Keep_Default_Loadout": true? Or is this just standard scientist loot? 

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Keep_Defauilt_Loadout, from description, "Keeps Scientist/Murderer attire and weapons, in addition to your custom kits."
If you liked scientists as they are but wanted to give them a bolty you'd Keep_Defaut_Loadout: true and give them a kit with only a bolty in it.

Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent is the one which governs default/rust loot that you'd find on an npc's corpse.
With that at 100% CustomLoot would be adding loot on top.

CustomLoot also has its own "ClearContainerFirst" option which is effectively the same thing as Allow_Rust_Loot.

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