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Default Scientists Spawning Alongside Bots

Pending 2.1.1

Hello - again thank you for making this plugin!  I can't thank you enough for this.  BotSpawn really is one of those critical items the game requires.  Quick question: Why do I keep getting default scientists spawning alongside custom bots?

For example, at the Giant Excavator I've got 4 kits assigned and a spawn number set to 10 day/night.  The kits work fine but I'm only seeing 5-6 with the custom kits and the rest (sometimes 10+ more) are spawning with default scientist gear.  Also the ones with kits are spawning around the Excavator on the ground while the scientists are spawning in/on the Excavator.  (if that helps)

I'm sure this is something I'm overlooking and doing wrong.  I'm also not running any other spawning plugins that I deal with zones and/or npcs (that I know of)Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


This is the code I'm using from the DefaultProfiles.json file:

"Giant Excavator Pit 0": {
      "AutoSpawn": true,
      "Murderer": true,
      "BotNames": [],
      "BotNamePrefix": "",
      "Keep_Default_Loadout": false,
      "Kit": [
      "Day_Time_Spawn_Amount": 10,
      "Night_Time_Spawn_Amount": 10,
      "Radius": 100,
      "Roam_Range": 40,
      "Chute": false,
      "Stationary": false,
      "UseCustomSpawns": false,
      "ChangeCustomSpawnOnDeath": false,
      "Announce_Spawn": true,
      "Announcement_Text": "Activity Reported At Giant Excavator Pit.",
      "BotHealth": 100,
      "Bot_Accuracy_Percent": 10,
      "Bot_Damage_Percent": 10,
      "Aggro_Range": 30,
      "DeAggro_Range": 40,
      "Peace_Keeper": true,
      "Peace_Keeper_Cool_Down": 5,
      "Attacks_Other_Profiles": false,
      "Suicide_Timer": 300,
      "Die_Instantly_From_Headshot": false,
      "Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons": [],
      "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 25,
      "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 50,
      "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100,
      "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100,
      "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100,
      "Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100,
      "Spawn_Hackable_Death_Crate_Percent": 0,
      "Death_Crate_CustomLoot_Profile": "",
      "Death_Crate_LockDuration": 600,
      "Disable_Radio": true,
      "Running_Speed_Boost": 0,
      "AlwaysUseLights": false,
      "Corpse_Duration": 300,
      "Respawn_Timer": 3600

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It sounds like you're describing the default npcs which spawn at the excavator.
Just like Bandit Camp, OilRig, Military Tunnel, etc, Excavator has its own 'vanilla' npcs.


With radius 100 and roam range 40 it may be hard to see all 10 for certain but use the 'bots.count' console command.
It will tell you exactly how many have spawned for each profile.

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"It sounds like you're describing the default npcs which spawn at the excavator."


Yep that's exactly what is happening.  I guess I was under the wrong impression that BotSpawn would control for the vanilla spawns at certain locations as well.  Do you happen to know of any way to turn off the vanilla spawns and just use BotSpawn spawns?  I've tried the "ai.npc_enable: False" in console and it does seem to work, kind of, at keeping the number of vanilla spawns down but it doesn't seem to stick after a server reset.  I have to enter that command again.


I know this conversation has gone off the topic of the actual plugin so I do appreciate any insight you could give me over this.  Thank you!

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I'm not 100% - I think there are population convars for them, maybe.

You can, however, use NPCKits to modify all (or any) of the default populations.
It has a config option for Excavator npcs.

You can mod their health, kits, weapon drop and a few other things.

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I will look into using your kit plugin over the other one.  Been kicking around the idea for a bit anyways because it looks better.  🙂  Thank you for your help here!

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