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[Request] Default Profile per monument

Pending 2.1.1



would it be possible to get an config file where i can set up default configs per Monument type. So that when i wipe the server and generate a new map all the configs for monuments do not need to be redone.

Greeting Sebbi

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If you change the 'Prefix' value in config you get a whole new set of data files, so it's possible to set up a whole new set specifically for a given map seed.
If you have a test server you could even set it up in advance so that when wipe comes all you need to do is move the files in to place and change the config Prefix to point at them.

If you don't like that idea then you can keep the same data set always - BotSpawn adds new monuments as they appear on the map so while all monuments wont be listed from day one, they will accumulate over time.
I.E. You'd only ever have to set up each monument once.

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