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Question about RustRewards

Closed 2.2.73 2.2.73

Is it possible to set up, i lose everytime 1% of my money when i die? And what does this setting does?


"TakeMoneyfromVictim": "false",


What does actually dynamic distance multiplier does in comparison to normal disctance multiplier?



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Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug

taking 1% every time you die would be better done by: 

It does not support % but I would consider adding it there.  TakeMoneyFromVictim is to avoid PVP farming between friends.  Bob shoots Frank 10 time, Frank shoots Bob 10 times, profit!  On PVP servers it is highly recommend it be set to true.

Dynamic Distances looks at the precise distance and applies the range multiplier per that.  Normal is like a milestone where you cross a boundary and get a new multiplier.  Be very careful with these as all the bonuses are multiplied, not added.

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So, I am curious about a few things on this plug and perhaps I should put this in line with the format of what I am trying to do.

With this Plug I am getting kill rewards for PvP/PvE , this is perfect. What I want to do to further this and what I am wondering how to approach it is this.

How is one to use this beside using it in the form of the GUI Shop? I am not using this plugin but rather with the money rewards they receive I want them to use that solely as currency to purchase ALL items from vendors (regardless of Tier).

I see there is an option for "Use Scrap", what is this option exactly and how is it used. I ask because as I write, I have a $$ skin being made that will overwrite "Note" which I will re skin and it will be used as my main currency form. I will then use the Compound Options plug to reinsert the new ItemID (note) in replace of Scrap at Vendors.

As well, I saw the front summary on the config for "Currency Code" but I am not seeing it in the configuration. What actually is this and how is it used? And am i being blind?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I have 4 days to get this operational..lol

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Rush and Mark:  Please open a new request, do not piggy back on closed requests as we don't checked them.

Rush is this a request for Death Penalty?  That does not support scrap as removing scrap from player inventory is out of scope.  Rust Reward only gives scrap, it never takes it as well.  For Rust Rewards check the language file for the "Prefix" to hide it is Rust Rewards.  Currency code it set on line 44:

    readonly private CultureInfo CurrencyCulture = CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture("en-US");  // change this to change the currency symbol

	readonly private CultureInfo CurrencyCulture = CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture("en-US");  // change this to change the currency symbol

Change that to change the currency code.  This is only the second time someone has asked about.  Are you suggesting it should be a config parameter?

Mark: Once I see the request I will work to add that container.

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