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Unable to damage Deployables/Door

Closed 1.0.67 1.0.71

I have player_building allowed. but players cant damage any deployables/doors. Like sleeping bags, boxes, electrical  items, etc. Player can damage building parts liek walls and stuff and tc. but thats it. i have tried adding to exclude target. but no luck

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Ok, now that I have access to this again:  Can you enter /pvelog in chat as admin, hit a door, etc. then enter /pvelog again?  There should be a logfile now at oxide/logs/NextGenPVE/ that should provide some insight.

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Does player Delltus own door.double.hinged.metal?
Player does not own or have access to this entity
No building block access.
Default ruleset query
Checking ruleset default for player attacking building.
Found BasePlayer attacking Door.  Checking ruleset default, zone 0
Found exception match for BasePlayer attacking Door
No exclusions for BasePlayer to Door
Player does NOT have building privilege and is attacking a BuildingBlock.  Or, player owner is not being targeted by the heli.
DAMAGE BLOCKED for BasePlayer attacking Door, majority damage type Explosion
Default ruleset query

Unable to raid a deployable help me


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