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Scientest shoot Zombies

Closed 2.1.1

Hi, i'm using this plugin on my server and have a question
i have scientest spawning at monuments on the map & Murderers "Zombies" roaming.
Is there a way i can set it up so that the scientest will kill the murderers if they go into monuments?

I have it set so that the default npcs scientest will attack but dont know how i can get botspawn npc scientest to attack botspawn zombies.

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There's an option per-profile called "Attacks_Other_Profiles".
If you set that to true you should be able to make scientists attack murderers and vice versa.

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Hi, thanks for a great plugin.😉 I have the same problem with zombiehorde, they kill the scientist without them shooting back. I have set the "Attacks_Other_Profiles" to "true"

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I'm also using ZombieHorde as well. The Attacks_Other_Profiles does not enable BotSpawn to attack the ZombieHorde NPC's. However that does allow the BotSpawn NPC's to attack other BotSpawn NPC's. Not sure why its not detecting ZombieHorde NPC's as hostile. Wondering if there is a fix to this, or maybe a patch?



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