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Error on Dangerous Nights 2.1.2

Closed 2.1.2 2.1.3

Failed to call hook 'OnPlayerDeath' on plugin 'DangerousNight v2.1.2' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
at Oxide.Plugins.DangerousNight.HasPermission (BasePlayer player, System.String permission) [0x00023] in <03950c40fd5b46c597812c17b091287b>:0
at Oxide.Plugins.DangerousNight.GetPermissionProfile (BasePlayer player) [0x0002c] in <03950c40fd5b46c597812c17b091287b>:0
at Oxide.Plugins.DangerousNight.ScreamAtDeath (BaseEntity entity, BasePlayer player) [0x0003d] in <03950c40fd5b46c597812c17b091287b>:0
at Oxide.Plugins.DangerousNight.OnPlayerDeath (BasePlayer player, HitInfo info) [0x00039] in <03950c40fd5b46c597812c17b091287b>:0
at Oxide.Plugins.DangerousNight.DirectCallHook (System.String name, System.Object& ret, System.Object[] args) [0x009a5] in <03950c40fd5b46c597812c17b091287b>:0
at Oxide.Plugins.CSharpPlugin.InvokeMethod (Oxide.Core.Plugins.HookMethod method, System.Object[] args) [0x00079] in <80b90e8213db44b29ec2d4111764172c>:0
at Oxide.Core.Plugins.CSPlugin.OnCallHook (System.String name, System.Object[] args) [0x000d8] in <ec05e0208c9149bba43236ca58fea105>:0
at Oxide.Core.Plugins.Plugin.CallHook (System.String hook, System.Object[] args) [0x00060] in <ec05e0208c9149bba43236ca58fea105>:0


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