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Inventory lost and Building takes damage

Not a Bug 2.8.1

Inventory lost on death (Inventory restoreplugin fix that but i want only restore inventory in maze). Building is not inviciple to damage and that have only 0 health. Truepve work only if i use pve for server wide and i have pvp server so i don't want that.

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I've checked the code of RestoreUponDeath by k1lly0u and it seems like the corpse's inventory is being wiped entirely, then moved to the newly respawned player. Which I can wipe the inventory of after a few seconds after respawning but the corpse items will be gone. That's not correct behaviour.

I've mistakenly put TruePVE plugin as a requiring plugin for aMAZEingPro, but it is in fact optional. You may remove TruePVE if you have a PvP server.

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