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can't create custom profile with rust-kits

Pending 2.1.1

I am using the kit plugin https://umod.org/plugins/rust-kits

Rust server and oxide is up to date.

When I create a custom bot it spawns without any trouble. In the BotSpawn plugin description it says "You will need to edit data/BotSpawn.json and set AutoSpawn: "true", as well as any other customization". However there is not a data\botspawn.json location. There is a config\BotSpawn.json. But when I open it the botspawn.json custom bot is not there. Only what is created on default from loading the plugin for the first time.

Editing the file under \data\BotSpawn\default-CustomProfiles.json does work with things like autospawn. But when I try adding in the kit and reload the BotSpawn plugin the console throws a bunch of errors. When trying to spawn the custom bot ingame even with the errors showing. I get the error: There is no profile by that name in default or custom profile jsons. Even though it does exist in the files.


I not sure what I am doing wrong. Picture of the error in the console attached.

botspawn error.PNG

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Looks like you're not using the correct formatting for entering kit names.
From the overview - 

Kits, Names, and Headshot weapons should be formatted as follows:
["kit1"], for single or ["kit1", "kit2", "kit3"]for many.

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