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chute/parachute error, spam and Player Tick kick.

Pending 2.1.1

I see that using the Chute arg make the server spawm in console the following message and we all get kicked a moment after, Player Tick.

I set to false and no more problem, but loved seeing my npcs coming from the parachute.

<color=#aff>[parachute[5907845]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5927498]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[6741906] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5906427]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5927719]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[2232293] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5906469]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5927726]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[7832570] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5906385]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5928279]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[2065437] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5909257]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5928456]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[5227813] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5908709]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5928716]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[9388274] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5907341]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5928812]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[1245967] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5906406]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5929105]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[3232122] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5907299]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5929200]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[8180282] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5909173]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5929275]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[8020900] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5906448]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5929302]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[3674575] died (Generic)
<color=#aff>[parachute[5909236]] SwitchParent Missed scientist_corpse[5929418]</color>
Site de Lancement - Soldat[4231236] died (Generic)

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