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Bots will not attack but move

No Response 1.0.6


Sorry you're having issues. Can you check a few things for me?

Has this always been the case or did it work fine then develop the issue at some point?
Does the issue affect all npcs all the time, or is it just some of the npcs...or sporadic?

Do you have any PVE plugins which might be stopping the npcs from attacking?
If you do you could temporarily unload those and see if the npcs start responding properly.

Do you use RustAdmin? If so, is the option for Enable Animal AI turned on?

The next update allows the npcs to use lots of weapons that they couldn't before but, for now, could you also confirm your npcs don't have any unsupported weapons?
In V1.0.6 only normal bullet weapons and swinging melee weapons are supported.
Anything like bows, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, or any other non-weapon items in their belt could cause issues like this.

I noticed something about NPCPlayer targeting hooks in oxide patch notes - Can you confirm oxide + server are up to date?
There's been a fair few updates this week.

If it's not any of those things please let me know and we'll dig deeper.

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