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Modify airdrop Icon

Closed 1.0.3

Is there a reason why it cant be chnaged ?  Would be so much better to have a icon that doesnt make players think there a shop there.

really cool pluging though

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I can change to another icon, but then there will be no way to change the name of the marker, I'm not sure that it will be better than it is now

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That would be awsome if you can, That would be betetr than  current.

If there as an airdrop icon that would be good but if not you could try using a "Balst" icon, If you have seen Dangerous treasures plugin they have like a ornage fire blast icon which could be better, but ideally using a icon that  represented a airdrop or parachute or even a crate would be best.

thankyou for your work

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