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need help

Not a Bug 3.0.7

1 hour ago, leejames1990 said:

how do i config everything im new to this and looked everywhere for a youtube video and nothing pops up plz help me 


Hey, you can set text lines, title and text on buttons in config. When it comes to colors, positions and images you have to go to data/welcomepanel/cuiData.json.
Everything else is explained in plugin description. If you need help with basics around plugins in general I suggest you to join this discord https://discord.gg/2xeX9CDH

if you have any other questions related to my plugin feel free to message me.

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18 minutes ago, leejames1990 said:

could you show me like an example of how to confing it the problem im haveing is i dont know were to put my info at are anything thanks in advanced


It's right there in config, if you stuggling with this you should really try to configure some basic plugins first.


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Just now, leejames1990 said:

ok thanks im just new to this mod i have configed other mods just not this one 


Just look around in config file and you will find pretty much everything what you need.

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