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Can't spawn underground

No Response 2.0.8



I'm setting up a dungeon (underground ofc) on my server, I created a custom profile for zombies who's gonna defend the dungeon, I gave them a kit and set coords. When I spawn them, they spawn on the surface.

Is there a way to allowe them to spawn underground? I mean something like "Allow spawn in caves: true/false"?


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There's no simple true/false solution but you can allow npcs to spawn underground by using custom spawn points.

You can enable that option "UseCustomSpawns" per profile, and manage spawnpoints with the chat commands listed in the description.

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Ok I managed to spawn them underground thanks,


now I need to spawn 20 zombies in the dungeon's room, I tried using 1 spawnpoint but it said there wasn't enough space or something like that so I added 19 more spawnpoints at same coords. No more errors on console but only 1 zombie spawns. I moved those 19 spawnpoints around the room, still getting only 1 zombie spawning at time.

I want to spawn all 20 zombies togheter and each of them sill respawn according to timer set in config.



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You would need 20 spawnpoints and, also, Day + Night spawn amount would need to be set to 20,

but if it's a very small area or there are lots of obstacles, some of the spawns may fail.


There's a bit of trial and error involved, I'm afraid.

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