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Of course! Please send me a screenshot indicating where you want to place it more or less and Ill send you the coords to put in the config.

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Sorry for the delay, for changing the position  please go to the config file and locate this two lines:

"- UI Anchor Min": "0.356 0.117",
"- UI Anchor Max": "0.63 0.158",

You should replace the min value for this one: "0.417 0.915" and the max value for this one "0.584 0.947" so it would look like this:

"- UI Anchor Min": "0.417 0.915",
"- UI Anchor Max": "0.584 0.947",

Then save the config file and reload the plugin writing on the console: oxide.reload AdvancedHitbar

If you feel you may want it bigger or at another position please let me know 🙂 

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