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Profiles wipe on server wipe...

Closed 1.0.6

So, I use botrespawns for all my maps but I carry over the data/botrespawn/profiles so when I spawn on the new map I can just edit the spawn locations in the custom profile.  The new setup is awsome save so much time not needing to remake custom NPC profiles every time. 🙂  My issue is that every time I wipe the server it wipes all three files and I have to reload them a couple times to get them to not be deleted.  Is that because of
    "Disable_Non_Parented_Custom_Profiles_After_Wipe": true,

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Hi Grimm530,
That new option is there because BotReSpawn turns off any profiles (when map changes) which don't have a parent monument,
because the locations of those would no longer make any sense.

Someone pointed out that people set up their maps + data in advance, or even reuse the same map over and over,
so I added that new option to allow you to prevent BotReSpawn from auto-disabling these profiles.

Nothing should be deleted, though.
When you say it wipes all three files, how do you mean?

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Yes, you are correct it is only turning them all off and everything you just said is what I do.  I have like 10 maps I rotate between all with custom spawns and I have all those setups backed up.  So, when I try to start the servers it would disable all my botspawns 🙂  I will set it too false.

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