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Mobile Phone

Closed 1.1.9

1 hour ago, Bacardi Adi said:

when I have a mobile phone in my pocket, it is completely reset (name gone, other number) after the game. 

Got a link to the plugin?

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4 hours ago, Bacardi Adi said:

what do you mean ? when i join a hunger game then the normal rust mobile phone is reset when i leave the hg

Ahh, shows how much I've played as of late lol.

Ill suss out if there is a way to re-assign the number.
If not, you will need to add it to the "Prohibited items" list in the InventoryManager config.


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Hmm, I had a look at the MobilePhone class.

I can change the number on the server and the client, but the call doesn't seem to connect.

Might be safer to have this added to the prohibited item list so players can't join if they have it on their person.

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