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Bot respawn

No Response 1.0.6


the Npc's do not spawned again after their death with the set time. Restarting the plugin will bring down all the bots. they are killed and not spawned again. why can this be??

here is an example:

"Abandoned Cabins 0": {
      "type": 0,
      "Spawn": {
        "AutoSpawn": true,
        "Radius": 100,
        "BotNames": [],
        "BotNamePrefix": "",
        "Keep_Default_Loadout": false,
        "Kit": [
        "Day_Time_Spawn_Amount": 10,
        "Night_Time_Spawn_Amount": 10,
        "Announce_Spawn": false,
        "Announcement_Text": "",
        "BotHealth": 150,
        "Stationary": false,
        "UseCustomSpawns": false,
        "ChangeCustomSpawnOnDeath": false
      "Behaviour": {
        "Roam_Range": 40,
        "Aggro_Range": 40,
        "DeAggro_Range": 50,
        "Peace_Keeper": false,
        "Bot_Accuracy_Percent": 90,
        "Bot_Damage_Percent": 60,
        "Running_Speed_Booster": 10,
        "AlwaysUseLights": false
      "Death": {
        "Spawn_Hackable_Death_Crate_Percent": 0,
        "Death_Crate_CustomLoot_Profile": "",
        "Death_Crate_LockDuration": 600,
        "Corpse_Duration": 300,
        "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 0,
        "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 50,
        "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 50,
        "Wipe_Main_Percent": 0,
        "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100,
        "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100,
        "Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent": 0,
        "Respawn_Timer": 600,
        "RustRewardsValue": 0.0
      "Other": {
        "Chute": false,
        "Suicide_Timer": 0,
        "Die_Instantly_From_Headshot": false,
        "Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons": [],
        "Disable_Radio": true

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All the timers in BotReSpawn are in minutes, where they were seconds in BotSpawn.
I guess you want 10, rather than 600?

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