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Unable to recover loot in safe zone

Closed 2.0.0

If a player crashes their minicopter in a safe zone with items in their loot boxes. They are unable to retrieve their loot in the safe zone. 


I was able to recover it for them, while in vanish mode as an admin. I can not figure out how to allow them to recover their own loot.

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I believe that is because there is no ownership set to the loot bag itself.  I'll look into setting the ownership on the loot bag(s) when the mini crashes, however any admin or random spawned minis will not have the ownership flagged to them, so those ones won't be applied to the dropped loot bag(s). 

I use MinicopterStorage combined with VehicleLicence on my servers, which is what sets the ownership on the mini itself when purchased from Air Wolf as well as secures the storage and fuel for only the owner and their team to access.  Have not had any reports of players not being able to pick up their loot in safe zones yet but they may not have crashed in them either.

If you have the EntityOwner plugin from umod installed, you as an admin can type: /setowner <name/steam64id> while looking at the loot bag.  This should allow them to recover their own loot on a case-by-case basis in the meantime.  Please let me know if that does work for loot bags dropped in safe zones, if you encounter it again or are able to test it with a player.

After testing setting ownership on a loot bag in a safe zone, it still doesn't allow looting them.  Will be looking for other solutions to override that vanilla safe-zone mechanic.

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I run the spawn mini plugin on my server so users can spawn minis where ever they are. I don't think they ever buy a mini from the shop.

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